When should a customer consider having their roof re-done - Are there certain signs a customer can look for in their shingles to know that it is time to re-roof their house?

The re-roofing process is very simple to evaluate as most roofs are visible from the ground and you can see how the shingles will curl up and flake off as time and weather erodes them.Storms and high winds will cause shingles to simply tear apart and fly off the roof leaving obvious bare patches which of course can lead to extensive damage inside the home such as drywall, electrical, flooring, carpeting etc. so the trick is to have the roof re-done before it ever gets to that point!

Often there are no obvious signs or defects, so the most reliable way to determine the need for replacement is how long have the shingles been on - The old style shingles can last from 12-18 years so any combination of erosion and wear 'n' tear will determine the time for a re-roof.

Do you ever install new shingles over existing shingles? Why or why not, or in what situation could this be appropriate?

To simply do a layover on an existing roof is obviously a much cheaper option but is not recommended as the manufacturer of the shingle products will not warranty such an application. If the customer insists, then I will do it.

Cedar Shingles

What are the pros and cons of cedar shingles compared to asphalt?

The major selling point for cedar shingles is the dramatic visual effect it brings to a home - a cedar roof side by side a shingle roof will stand out and the aesthetics are what customers look for.

What is the general price range for installation?

Unfortunately the cost of cedar is almost 3 times as much due to the price of wood products and it takes about 3 times as long to install, but it also raises your property value more than an asphalt shingle roof will.

Flat roofing

What are the pros and cons to flat roofing?

Flat roofs are also more expensive and require a torch on certificate, but if done properly can last a good 30 years.